Health Canada’s Assault on Pain Patient Not Based on Valid Research

CPAC has just sent an open letter to the Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, demanding that Canada retract its fraudulent reports and make responsible decisions based on real data. Research confirms that the overdose deaths in this country are overwhelmingly not a result of prescribed opiate medication. Rather, illicit drugs being used by those suffering from addictions are becoming increasingly more dangerous resulting in death. Prohibition of necessary medication and the attack on vulnerable pain patients must stop.

What we said was:

No more Mr. Nice Guy. For years, we’ve challenged Health Canada’s destructive pain policies. For years, Health Canada has replied with obfuscation, evasion, and outright lies. Now, the gloves are off. CPAC has written the federal health minister a no-holds-barred open letter exposing her department’s deceit and the awful harm it’s done. Here it is. Have a look; pass it on.

We’ve chosen our moment carefully. A peer-reviewed study and a related commentary in the Canadian Medical Association Journal this week shows that less than 2% of overdoses involve prescribed opioids. The evidence is now incontrovertible that Ottawa’s covert and underhanded campaign to prohibit essential opioids from pain therapy has only inflamed the overdose crisis and killed innocent Canadians. Health Canada has known — and suppressed — the truth for years, while systematically preventing Canadians in pain and their clinicians from weighing in on the policies that so egregiously affect them.

Health Canada has always treated CPAC and Canadians with pain as know-nothing naïfs. Will the minister now also ignore the acknowledged experts and researchers behind the CMAJ reports? We’ve told her we’ll be watching.

Here is an interview with the researcher who demonstrated that overdose deaths involve illicit drugs and not prescription drugs:

This is the letter and we encourage you to read it and to pass it on to others.

One thought on “Health Canada’s Assault on Pain Patient Not Based on Valid Research

  1. There ARE physicians who care about pain patients. But there are no where near enough compassionate pain docs. Medical schools barely teach about pain. GPs have been so terrified of the bloody College of Physicians and Surgeons That they barely prescribe aspirin.

    And it’s not just pain docs. I shattered my ankle last Fall. I was left to wait five days for surgery WITHOUT a pain med prescription. Post surgery I was given a paltry THREE 12 hour pills – Dilaudid. When I called my orthopaedic surgeon to ask for pain meds for ONE MORE DAY – just one day – the surgeon didn’t even have the courtesy to return my phone call. If I had not had pain meds for my chronic pain I would have been in agony.

    Caring doctors? Don’t make me laugh. They have their collective heads so far up their proverbial backsides they have abdicated their RESPONSIBILITY to help. Shame on the lot of them.


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