The Chronic Pain Association of Canada (CPAC) grew out of a need for change and support for people suffering from chronic pain. In the mid 1980’s, a small group of individuals met in a physician’s office, and after discovering that they were all there for the same reason, decided to meet together and support each other in their struggle to survive the nightmare of constant pain.

We believe all Canadians have the right to:

  • have our pain treated
  • be believed
  • be treated with respect
  • the best possible technology in pain management
  • know about all the pain management options so we can make best decisions for our own pain
  • live with the least amount of pain possible

Mission & Goals

CPAC is Canada’s largest independent, not-for-profit charitable organization serving people affected by pain, through education, information, support advocacy.

Our mission is to prevent and relieve unnecessary pain and to improve the quality of life and daily function of people who suffer from pain through education and awareness.

CPAC supports national and local activities for:

  1. The advancement of the treatment and management of chronic intractable pain.
  2. The development of research projects to promote the discovery of a cure for this disease.
  3. Education of both the health care community and the public will be the primary means of accomplishing our mission.

CPAC’s services and programs include: our website; a nationwide support group network; patient access to information, services and patient education brochures.
The work carried out by CPAC has been done primarily by volunteers, most of whom suffer with pain, with the help of one full-time executive director.

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